Flameless Indoor Hot Air Balloon (FIHAB) Competition

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Join us as we soar to new heights with the Flameless Reusable Hot Air Balloon competition, where passion for flight meets a commitment to sustainability, and the sky's the limit for innovation! This unique event brings together teams of talented engineers, designers, and aviation enthusiasts from across the nation to showcase their prowess in crafting and piloting hot air balloons powered without flames.

Unlike traditional hot air balloons that rely on propane burners, FIHABs harness alternative heating methods to achieve emission-free flight. The competition challenges participants to build and fly these eco-friendly balloons, pushing the boundaries of sustainable aviation technology.

Teams participating in the FIHAB competition embark on a journey of creativity and engineering ingenuity as they fabricate their prototypes. From selecting lightweight and durable materials to designing efficient heating systems, every aspect of the FIHAB's construction is carefully considered to optimize performance and safety.

A panel of expert judges evaluates the FIHABs based on various criteria mentioned below. Beyond the thrill of competition, the FIHAB event aims to promote sustainable aviation practices and inspire future generations of aerospace engineers and innovators. By showcasing the potential of flameless and reusable hot air balloon technology, the competition contributes to the advancement of eco-friendly transportation solutions and fosters collaboration in the pursuit of a greener future.




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